One more week(ish)!  The baby book says that height and weight gain should have about leveled off now, though Milly’s brain is still developing pretty rapidly.  Her pink skin should be white right about now, even if, as Jason asserts, she will come out a little black baby.

Nothing too new on Amanda’s end.  Her belly’s about as big as a basketball but she’s still the cutest little pregger I’ve ever seen.  Swollen feet, lots of trips to the potty, lots of discomfort from lack of available space.

I think Amanda’s allowed to deliver now.  I think that Lauren Millard, who was due a week ago today, has gone to the hospital to deliver Maggie Millard.  (Is that not a cute name?)  She told Amanda she wasn’t allowed to go before her since she was due two weeks before us.  Now that I think that’s starting to take care of itself, Amanda can go ahead and go.

We’re ready for you, Milly!  (I think.  We’re at least as ready as I guess we’ll ever be anyway!)