I got this from Stanton Pickens, Amanda’s cousin, earlier today.  Thanks for putting it together for us, Stanton!

Click to see the nursery in 3D

We got word that Margaret “Maggie” Anne Millard was born yesterday at 6:19pm at seven pounds, thirteen ounces to Kevin and Lauren Millard after a purported 36 hour labor!  Anyway, welcome to the world, Maggie Millard!  Little girl’s got some dark hair!  I’m sure she’ll be playing in that room above some.

I had a meeting this morning, and since it finished around lunchtime I called Amanda to see if she wanted to do lunch.  I stopped by Michael’s apartment and he came along too.  Amanda brought Cyra Sherburn from work and we all ate outside at Ken’s Bagels across from the mall.

After work Amanda and I went to Lowe’s to get some handles for the window seat (which was installed after the interactive image was taken and is now where the stroller in front of the window is) then grabbed some BoJangle’s for dinner on the way to small group.  We finished up the book we were working on tonight, although it was mostly a review so we rambled a bit, discussed all the new people asking about joining a small group and talked about what to study next.  Of course, Amanda and I may or may not be at next week’s meeting.

There was an opossum in the backyard tonight.  Harvey was barking a bunch and jumping around one spot near the hammock.  After I got him to come inside I went back out with a flashlight to see what he was fussing about and it was an opossum.  The rat-like white face was glowing at me in the flashlight’s beam.  I went to get the camera to take a picture of it, but it left before I got back.

Yes, I’ve seen plenty of opossums in my time and nearly got my hand bitten off of one that was hanging out  in a bag of dog food in the barn on Johnson Mill one time.  I just don’t see them in my backyard very often.

Zach Dotsey