We (well, Scott, with my suggestions and help testing) made a pretty big change with our ticketing system today in order to accommodate resellers.  Possibly a pretty significant step.

I had lunch with Amanda and her grandparents, Peggy and Earl Lemons, today.  After that I returned some stuff to Toys R Us, deposited a work check at the bank and went on home and back to work.

Michael called me to say he was running late for meeting us all for lunch, but he called after I’d already been to Toysaurus.  He mentioned that he saw Kate +2 or 3.  We heard yesterday that John and Kate +8 from the reality TV show John and Kate Plus 8 are here in Wilmington sans John, who may or may not be divorced from Kate.  I don’t know anything about the show other than what I’ve seen on The Soup.

After work Amanda and I went to the birthing class.  Tonight’s topic was pain management and we learned all about drugs, epidurals and breathing.  If I called this a lamaze class previously, allow me to correct myself.  It’s a birthing class.  The instructor isn’t too high on lamaze, but she did go over a few other breathing techniques.

On the way home tonight I told Amanda that last week it seemed like Milly’s birth could happen at any moment, but now it seems like it’s forever away.  I know it’ll be here before I know it, but the waiting is tough.  I say that and we’re not even at our due date.  I guess one positive is that each day that goes by increases the chance that it will happen the next day, particularly if the baby comes late.

Lots of stuff going on in the news.  A plane went down somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean between Brazil and France yesterday, and all 248 people aboard are suspected dead.  That’s a terrible tragedy and my thoughts and prayers are with the dead, their friend and their families.

GM is bankrupt, and there are thousands, probably many, many thousands, of jobs that are going away.

Zach Dotsey