Thanks to Nick to showing this to me.  I thought it was pretty funny.

Amanda picked up some groceries on the way home from work tonight and made two chicken pot pies- one for us and Nick and Amy Warkentien for dinner tonight, and one for Kevin and Lauren Millard, to whom we are taking dinner tomorrow night.

Yeah, that was pretty much it for today.  They came over with Eli, who slept most of the time, and we talked about babies and church and pregnancy and delivery and other such things.

Amanda did have a baby doctor appointment today.  She got her dilation checked, and while she’s hardly dilated, but her cervix is pretty effaced, which means that it’s thinning out, which is a sign of impending labor.  Not impending like it’s going to happen tomorrow (which would be nice, and it could), but impending like, you know, you’ve been pregnant for almost forty weeks and the baby should be on the way out before long.  Doesn’t tell us anything, but it’s nice to know.

She’s also been cramping a little lately, and Amanda said she was feeling it more today than yesterday (I do believe).

David Carradine was found dead today in a hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, where I think I read he was shooting a movie.  I didn’t think too much of it, being that he’s an actor and it was Thailand, but then reports came out that it was a suicide, that he’d hanged himself in a closet.  Now reports claim that his genitals were bound, so some people are saying maybe it wasn’t a suicide.  I’m guessing we’ll hear more about this as time goes on.

It feels like it’s already a Friday.

Zach Dotsey