I’m about to fall asleep, but I wanted to make some quick notes.

As a future Duke fan, Milly already got some ribbing from her Tar Heel pediatrician, who came in and checked on her today.  He was a good sport though.

Milly with Uncle Adam
Milly with Uncle Adam

Amanda’s full family came again.  I might have mentioned that already.  We canceled visitations for the day because Amanda was regaining her strength.  She did a great job and is walking pretty much fine now.  We did make an exception for Adam, who came by with some Taco Bell dinner for me.  Amanda didn’t want any.

I’ve realized that having a baby will make me and Amanda use teamwork in ways we never thought of before, like coordinating moving a baby around to suckle.

Speaking of, Milly, who took right to the teat last night on her first try, was a bit picky today.  She’d take the left but not the right pretty much all day until her last feeding.  That last feeding was the best though.  Maybe she was hungry, maybe she’s getting the hang of it, maybe both.

We settled on Meliamae Jane.  I tried calling Baba to tell her that we were using Jane (her name), but nobody answered the phone.

Mom and Dad should be in Wilmington any time now.  They decided to drive straight on from Kentucky, but as it’s late and we’re beat, they’re staying at our house tonight and coming on to the hospital tomorrow.  Bonnie’s got Bruce and Harvey though, so they don’t have to worry about the boys.

I told my parents they could sleep in our room since Mom wanted a soft mattress, but told them not to look in the closet, which is full of laundry.  Dad later offered to help us out by taking it all to the cleaners.  That was awesome of him to offer, but I didn’t feel I could take him up on it.  I mean, there are several garbage bags worth of laundry that need to be done.

I talked to Andra, Aunt Robbie, Cousin Dave, Nick Warkentien, the Lambeths and others.

I could use a razor.  That’ll be on the list of things I ask my parents to bring tomorrow.

Milly and the Nurses Jane
Milly and the Nurses Jane

Everybody says that Milly is a beautiful baby.  Not that I’d expect nurses to say otherwise, but I think they’re right.  Everybody is gushing over her.

I set my phone so that calls I don’t answer automatically reroute to Scott after a few rings.  That way I can answer personal calls and skip out on work calls.

Since we found out we were having a baby, I would kiss Amanda’s tummy when I kissed her goodnight.  I kissed her goodnight tonight then turned around and saw my baby, then remarked in wonder that I no longer had to kiss her belly because the reason for it was now right there.

Okay, time to sleep.

Zach Dotsey