Slept better last night, but still not a great night of sleep.  Guess it’s just how things will be for a while.

Amanda and I got to take showers this morning.  Man, was that a nice feeling!  My parents, who slept at our house last night, came over around 11:00.  One of the things I had them bring was a razor for my neck.  I was getting scratched every time I turned my head, so along with the shower I felt so new.  Amanda’s able to get up and walk around better and better.

Jerry and Rhonda Dotsey with their first Dotsey grandchild

My parents were very excited to see their third grandchild.  First one with the Dotsey last name, so there’s that.

Speaking of names, the birth certificate lady came by and it’s official: Meliamae Jane Dotsey.  I called Baba to tell her that we namesaked her.

The breastfeeding is still a little frustrating.  Milly still favors one side, so we’re getting help and tips from a lactation consultant.  She’s eating right now, but still on the left.

I think we’ll have quite a few visitors this evening.

My back hurts and my legs feel like I was running a bunch yesterday.

Zach Dotsey