In case anyone is reading this today and wants to know about visiting, we’re fine with visitors after 5:00. Amanda has to try to get up and walk around and such, and assuming she does fie with that they’ll have a bunch of things to unhook her from and take out of the room, so around 5:00 and after we’d love to have visitors.

I was told the pictures I posted aren’t showing up on the website, even though they’re showing up for me. I’ve posted some of the pictures I’ve taken so far here and will put some on Facebook before long.

Okay, I’m realizing that the hospital’s network is messing with my links, even when I type them out directly in HTML. To see the pictures, just copy this URL ( into your address bar, or you can click on the Photo Gallery link, go to 2009 > June > Milly’s Birth.

Zach Dotsey