I’m a dad now!  I have a daughter.  I tried that word on tonight while I was talking to her and it was mind-blowing.  She has great skin and very dark, curly hair.  It’s hard to tell what color her eyes are, and baby eyes change color anyway, but I think they’re a dark, dark blue right now.

I’m going to keep this brief because I’m about to crash, but here’s what’s up.  Mom and baby are both doing great.  Milly was delivered via Caeasarean section at 01:10 today, June 14 after 26 hours of labor.  She was 20.5 inches long and weighed seven pounds, seven ounces.  It turns out to have been a very good thing that we did a c-section because not only was she facing up, but the umbilical cord was around her neck three times.  It wasn’t distressing her at this point, but it probably would have it we had tried to deliver vaginally.

Like I said, I’m beat, so I won’t go into all the emotions and how cool it all was right now, but I will say that Amanda did great, both all day yesterday and this early morning.

After Milly was cleaned up and all we went to another room where she got to meet two of her great-grandparents, one set of grandparents and one of her uncles.  They didn’t stay too long as I think it was well after 2:00 at that point.  When they left we tried breastfeeding Milly, and man did she take to it like a champ!  She’d been making suck motions and was even sucking on a blanket, but I was really proud of how fast she took to feeding.

Zach Dotsey

The new Dotsey family