It rained pretty hard last night, but we slept pretty well.  I noticed in the early, early morning that it was raining, but that’s it.  We were afraid we’d be taking Milly home in the rain, but the sun came out and it cleared up nicely.  It took a little while and talking to several people (all procedure), but we were finally discharged and Amanda got to carry little Meliamae out into the great wide world.

After loading Milly in the car seat we made the arduous trek across 17th Street to the bank, where I wanted to get some cash.  While I was at the ATM, Billy Supplee and Cyra Sherburn, both co-workers of Amanda’s, pulled up.   Amanda later told me that Billy saw the car and said, “That looks like a Dotsey car.”  Cyra then asked if there were Dotseys in it, so they pulled up to find out and became the first people to see Milly outside the hospital.

On the way home Amanda wanted some Chick-Fil-A.  The drive thru line was pretty long, but with Milly in the car seat we figured that was okay.  So who do we see get out of a car, but none other than Elliot Clark!  In my sleep deprivation I was trying to beat on the windshield to get his attention instead of rolling down the window like Amanda suggested.  he poked his head in the car and checked out the new addition for a minute before the line started moving again.

Thats not how you use a breast pump, Amanda.
That's not how you use a breast pump, Amanda.

It was really cool to bring Milly home.  I just couldn’t help thinking to myself how much she’d go through and change in the two storey house we pulled up to.  I went in first and let Bruce and Harvey out after giving them some love then carried Milly in the car seat up to the nursery.  Cobb sniffed at her but didn’t seem too impressed, but what else would you expect from a cat?  Bruce and Harvey were let back in, wherein they sniffed her a bit.  Well, Bruce sniffed her a little then went about his own business, but Harvey was very inquisitive.

Amanda, recovering from her baby surgery, needed some pain meds, which I went to go get filled.  Afterwards we all hung out on the bed.  Millynapped on my chest for a bit.

Amanda’s mom, Karen Mercer (Nana, prnounced Nah-nah), came over with a bunch of groceries and fixed dinner for us plus Michael, who also stopped by to hang out before going out with his two Ohio girls.

Milly’s been eating well today.  Amanda got some tips from the lactation consultant yesterday that really seem to be paying off.  Mills has been letting us know that she’d hungry every two to four hours.

Amanda and I (along with Karen) watched Pushing Daisies, but I wasn’t able to make it the whole way through so I told Amanda not to delete it.

Milly was a little fussy going to bed, but Karen turned on this teddy bear that Nick and Amy gave us that makes womb sounds and it quieted her right up.  Now, here’s to a good night’s sleep.

Zach Dotsey