I slept pretty well last night, although I’ll admit to feel pretty frustrated for the first time at some point during the night.  I’d woken up to take care of her and for a few minutes it seemed nothing would make her happy.  I guess I was just tired (and lately when I say tired I mean exhausted) and didn’t think of the pacifier for a couple minutes, but that did the trick once I put it in there.

Amanda’s been limited in what she can do right now since she’s still recovering from the c-section and really can’t get in and out of bed very easily.  She’s thanked me several times for being so good about everything.  I just figure I’m not the one who was in labor for 26 hours, so I really can’t say anything.

Milly continues to be better about feeding.  Amanda fed her sometime around 4:00 this morning then again around 7:00, and I think the least amount of time she’s fed was 20 minutes or so.

I find myself calling Milly several names.  I’ve called her her full first name a couple times, Meliamae, as well as Millymae.  Millydoll is one that I’ve said that Amanda really likes, and then Sweetness.  Amanda has been calling her Sweetie a lot, which a lot of people use to call just anybody of course, but before now I can’t really recall Amanda ever using it so generally before.  She called me Sweetie last night, and it sort of threw me since she’s never called me that before.  Of course it’s jus because she’s been referring to Milly that way so much.

One thing I need to learn is to stand straight while holding a baby.  I never really noticed before, but when I hold a baby I arch back a bit, I guess to let them lean back on me.  I’ve noticed it now because after holding Milly so much over the past couple days my back is getting sore, and I can tell it’s from that posture when I relax my back a bit.

Amanda’s napping with Milly on her chest right now.  I encouraged it because she hasn’t really gotten to hold the baby as much as I think she’d like to so far.

Dr. Jospeh came by just a couple minutes ago and said he didn’t see any reason why we shouldn’t be able to go home today.  Yay!  It was raining earlier and Amanda mentioned it was a shame we’d have to take her home on a rainy day, but it’s clearing up nicely and the sun is shining.  Can’t wait to show Milly the nursery!  (Not that she’ll appreciate it just yet.)

Zach Dotsey