We didn’t sleep very well last night, which made me reconsider starting back at work today.  I did work though, and as much catching up as I had to do, I think it was a good idea.  Actually, it’s not that I had to catch up with a lot of work, although there was enough of that, but a lot of what I do involves knowing what’s going on with different clients, and that was the part that took a bit of effort.

I like having Amanda around while I work.  I wasn’t sure how I’d like it, as it’s always sort of been my own time, but she made me a sandwich for lunch (whereas I often don’t think about lunch until 2 or 3:00) and she has also started on our laundry.

The state of our laundry has been abysmal for some time.  There’s no problem washing clothes- I do that all the time.  It’s the folding and putting up that usually goes by the wayside.  In the past I’d do a bunch of loads of laundry in between work, but then we’d have daunting piles of clean clothes that needed to be put away, and the bigger the pile the less Amanda would feel like messing with it, and since neither one of us wanted to mess with it it would never get done.

But now I’m doing the washing (because Amanda’s not up to carrying a basket full of clothes downstairs or leaning over to put wet clothes in the dryer) and she’s folding them and putting them away while watching daytime TV in between Milly feedings.  It works well.

Other than today being my first day back at work with Amanda at home with me, we watched Pushing Daisies tonight, and when Amanda and Mills went to bed I watched a new episode of Kings.  Two great but canceled shows.

Oh, Amanda’s boss, Laura Wyte, came by tonight with a pizza.  And remember how I said the house was hot yesterday after everyone had left?  Well, the AC had gone out downstairs, and since our usual handyman helper was out of town Laura suggested someone else who came right over to fix it.  This time there was actually a part that had to be replaced, and the help was extremely welcome.

Zach Dotsey