I received some terrible news today that had me depressed pretty much all day long.  Elliot Williams is transferring from Duke.  It’s not that he has a problem with the playing time he’ll get next year.  He got plenty when he showed his stuff at the end of last season.  On top of that, he was one of only three guards the squad will have next season.  No, apparently his mom is terribly ill and he’s transferring to be closer to home.  I wish him the best and pray for his family in this tough time, but I have to admit that the selfish part of me is really, really upset at this.  Duke will be so ridiculously thin on guards next season that this single transfer might do some real damage to them next year.  It’ll be really interesting to see what the coaching staff comes up with.

Not a whole lot else going on today.  Amanda and Milly went with me to pick up my paycheck, so they got to meet Karin, the lady who works for my the accounting firm the company I work for uses.  I usually chat with her when I pick up my check, so she and another lady there came out to see Milly when I went by there.

After Amanda went to bed I watched Kings, which was solid as always.  I’m really going to be upset when that show runs out.  It’s probably the best drama on TV right now.

I also checked out Merlin.  It’s a show about a young Merlin who comes to a Camelot founded by Uther Pendragon, who has outlawed all magic.  It reminds me a bit of the BBC’s Robin Hood, which, though not a good show is a guilty pleasure of mine, except I find a lot of the casting a bit annoying.  This show reeks even more of BBC than does Robin Hood in the outdated camera work and special effects.  I’ll probably continue to watch it anyway, though I can’t tell you why.

Zach Dotsey