Wow, we actually had a pretty good night of sleep last night!

Milly Dotsey in her first trip to the mall
Milly Dotsey in her first trip to the mall

Today’s Milly’s First was Milly’s first trip to the mall.  Any time Amanda’s grandparents are in town they treat us to a meal at the food court, so that’s what we were there for.  Michael was there too, along with all the ladies Frazelle.  After we ate the women all went to The Loft while Michael and I wandered around in between there and whichever video game store is across the way from it.  Earl, Amanda’s grandfather, walked through there with us.  We told him we were going to buy him a Wii.

After work I planned on going surfing, but I talked to Barry on the way out to Wrightsville Beach and he said unless I had a boat I wasn’t going to be doing anything out there, so I turned around and went back home.

So here’s something.  Farah Fawcett, who has been struggling with cancer for some time, died today.  It’s sad, but it wasn’t a huge surprise.  Amanda and I were in the office looking at something or other when we heard some talk about someone dying on the TV in the living room.  Figuring they were talking about Farah Fawcett, news which had been out already today, we didn’t think anything of it.  When we got to the living room we saw images of Michael Jackson.  We both were thinking, “No way,” so we rewound the TV until we passed something that read: Michael Jackson 1958-2009.  Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, is dead.  It’s so out of nowhere that it’s pretty mind blowing.

Much has been and will be said about all the influence Michael Jackson had on pop culture and music.  He was about to go on a concert tour, and who knows how that would have gone.  I’ve always said it would have been better for his legacy if he’d died earlier, before all the strange diseases/surgery and the questions about his character had arisen.  Despite all that, people are mourning his passing in droves.  It’s really just hard to believe.

Moving on, Amanda and I watched a little bit of the NBA Draft tonight.  We just wanted to see where Gerald Henderson went, and we happened to turn it on just before he got drafted at #12 to the Charlotte Bobcats.  I’m mixed on that because the Bobcats are such a Tar Heel team that I don’t root for them (as much as I root or don’t root for any other NBA team, really), but I really enjoyed watching Gerald Henderson and really hope he does well.

Seemingly as a joke, Tyler Hansbrough was taken by the Pacer in the very next pick.  What I did like about it was that his highlight reel showed a flop, a tremendous travel and his weird sissy fist pump celebratory dance.

Zach Dotsey