As I type this I’m watching The Office with Amanda as she’s feeding Milly, who slept fine early in the night but woke up a lot later on, in the early morning.  From about 6:00 to 9:00 this morning she and I were downstairs.  I carried her down there and we napped on the couch.  I thought it would be a good way to let Amanda get a little extra rest, plus she seems to go to bed easier snuggled up on me than in the crib.

Karen was nice enough to go get us some biscuits this morning.  Actually, she got some croissanwiches from Burger King, which I really like, but they’re too sweet for Amanda’s taste.  I guess Karen hadn’t had them before because she ended up not liking hers either, so she went back out and picked up biscuits from Hardee’s.  Amanda urged her not to go back out on her account, but she said she’d been listening to a show on the radio that she was enjoying and she didn’t mind.

I was finally able to go out surfing today, and not just go but actually do it too.  It ended up being me, Michael, Barry and the Larses (Mike and Kaitlyn Boscaljon).  It was the first time Kaitlyn had gone out since last summer, and Lars had a pretty sweet new board that he did quite well with.  It’s only a seven-footer, but it’s pretty wide.

While we were out there it started to rain, then it started raining hard and thundering.  The rain was coming down like daggers and driving almost sideways, but it was really cool.  I can’t really explain what the experience was like.  The last wave I caught (because I think lightning was getting closer) was awesome, because I was standing up on the board with the rain stabbing me in the back, dark skies overhead and thunder rolling.  It was just so elemental.

Michael and I went back to the house where Karen had fixed us a wonderful steak dinner.  He left shortly after we finished and Amanda, Karen and I watched The Incredibles.  Well, Amanda watched it until she put Milly to sleep and I watched it until I got tired and went upstairs, but Karen, who had never seen it, watched the rest of it.  It was on ABC Family I think, and I’d offered to put it on the DVD so she could watch it without commercials, but she said it was fine.

Zach Dotsey