Amanda, Karen and I went to the 8:30 service at Port City Community Church this morning.  As with last week we got up at 6:00 (or Amanda did, anyway) to do it.  Regardless, we were able to pull it off, which is great.  We really like going to the 8:30 service.  In a few months when they go to four services we’ll go to the 9:00 (services will be at 9:00, 11:00, 4:00 and 6:00), so then we’ll at least get to sleep in a little bit more.

Milly slept through all the loud music but got fidgety when the sermon began so I took her out of the main auditorium and watched the message in the hall, where she stayed awake but didn’t fuss or cry.  I talked to a couple other parents with babies out there as well as Kirsten Paschal, who got to actually hold Milly for a while today.  Last week when they met, Milly was sleeping.

We went to Sam’s after that, mainly to get some bottled water.  Personally, I hate spending money on bottled water, but Amanda doesn’t like the tap water here.  (I don’t either unless I add ice, which oddly makes it better to me.)  Since the bottled water is so much cheaper there and Karen has a membership, we took advantage.  We also got a few other things.

We used to have a membership to Sam’s, in case you’re keeping track, but it was through Amanda’s work and they discontinued that not too long ago.

Upon getting home I learned that pitchman Billy Mays had died.  Like Michael Jackson, he was only fifty years old.

Billy Mays was best known for his beard and his shouting tone in all of his infomercials.  “BILLY MAYS HERE.”  Yeah, he talked with the CAPS lock on.

It was a pretty big surprise, especially coming on the heels of Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.  Just wasn’t a good week for being a celebrity.

Billy Mays was in a new show (I think on the Discovery Channel) I watched once or twice called Pitchmen, where he and another guy, his British equivalent I think, look at products to endorse.  It was a pretty interesting show and I he seemed like a pretty funny, down to earth kind of guy in it.  Anyway, my prayers go out on behalf of his friends and family.  I believe the cause of death was something to do with his heart.

I decided it would be a nice time to take a nap on the couch, so I did.  There was a sale at Old Navy so all three of the girls went to that and after a little rest I met Michael and Lars for some surfing.

We had quite a good time and were out there for about three hours.  It got crowded in about the middle of the surf zone, and after a while Michael and I got out (Lars had gone to sit with Kaitlyn for a little bit a while prior to this) and walked to the southern end of the surf zone.  Lars had gotten back out there a few minutes earlier, and we found that not only was it much less crowded, but the waves were better there too.

A little while after I got back home Karen took off back to Richlands.  Amanda and I gave Milly her first non-umbilical corded bath and were pleased to see that her hair curled up when wet, just like it was at the hospital.  It didn’t stay that way long, but it gave us hope that it would end up being curly.

Zach Dotsey