I worked a little bit today, but I got everything done pretty early so I could spend some time with my family.Mom, my youngest sister Andra Sawyer and her two kids, Jackson and Addison.  They got here last night and stayed with my brother, Adam Dotsey, who also came over eventually, so as not to disturb Milly with a four year old boy running around.  Of course, I offered to have them all stay here.

For a while we just sat around and visited.  I did some work here and there and Jackson and Mom played Little Big Planet for a while.   I was surprised how much fun Mom was having with the game.

Amanda had a dental appointment, so while Milly, Amanda and I went there (Amanda’s not supposed to be driving yet) my family went to do a little shopping and eating then we all met back up at Wrightsville Beach, where I taught everyone to surf.

I took Jackson out first, as it has been my goal for some time to teach him to surf.  At first I carried him and the board out in the water, but after a couple small waves hit us he wanted to go back in.  I caught a couple waves (they were all small and tame) to show him what fun it was, then Adam helped me coax him back out.  Adam carried him then eventually sat him on the board, which was floating next to us.  Then we got him to grip the rails as I pushed him in the waves.  He had a lot of fun until the water got in his eyes, at which point he’d want to “go back to the sand” for a few minutes.  I never did get him to stand up.

Next I pushed my mom on a couple waves and then Andra.  Andra was the only one to actually attempt to stand up (and she accomplished it too, however briefly).  I have now gotten each one of my siblings to surf, plus my mom.  I’ll have to get Dad next time he’s down here and we go to the beach.

Amanda and Milly didn’t come out, as newborns aren’t supposed to go out in the hot sun.  When I went in I left my board out because Mom and Andra were using it as a raft.  If you could see me shake my head in writing, you’d see it right now.

Amanda and I got home in time to meet Justin and Lisa Hauenstein, who brought us a very nice dinner of chicken and salad and such.

Amanda went to bed a little after 8:00 and I watched Kings.  I say this every week and I’m going to say it again- it’s such a travesty that this show has been canceled.

We used formula for the first time today.  We weren’t planning on it, but Amanda just got so sore from feeding that we had to do something.  On the plus side, she’s pumping better now, so we can mix real mama’s milk with formula.  Milly doesn’t seem to mind.

Zach Dotsey