From Nick’s sister, Amber:

Well a lot has happened since last we’ve posted anything. I apologize for the long absence of information, things have been very crazy with Nick and Amy’s new baby Elijah, Jenny planning her wedding and myself counseling at a Youth Camp in NY.

I was able to visit home the first couple of weeks of June. It was such a sweet visit! Missy seemed to be doing rather well. They had a port put in so that she doesn’t have to be pricked so much. They also trained my mother to be able to drain her chest at home, which greatly adds to Missy’s comfort.

Today though, I would ask again for your prayers. Since my visit home there have been a few steps down hill.

Missy’s Anemia has been very persistent, requiring a blood transfusion about once every 2 weeks. Her Left chest cavity has now started filling with fluid, meaning that they may need to put a port in on the left side so that we can drain that as well. Her Edema is acting up again causing her abdomen, legs and feet to swell. Doctors have told us that the greatest threat to her right now is the lack of nutrition in her body. So, a feeding tube will be place in this week. hopefully they can take care of the lack of nutrition with high nutrition and Calorie shakes. Due to all to all of these complications, Missy has spend about 2 1/2 of every 4 weeks in the hospital. Doctors don’t offer much encouragement in this situation, but that’s ok because they are not God and we know that He still holds Missy’s life in his hands. Her life is His and He can take when He wishes. In spite of all this Missy has gained a bit of strength the past couple of days and the swelling has gone down in her neck almost completely!

We are all doing alright. God continues to show us his Grace and Mercy in the midst of this. I really don’t even what to think about what a wreck we would be if we didn’t have the peace of knowing that Missy has a better home waiting for her in Heaven because she has placed her trust in Christ alone. Thanks so much for your prayers and encouraging words.

Psalm 62:1-2 My soul waits in silence for God only; From Him is my Salvation. He only is my rock and my Salvation, My stronghold; I shall not be greatly shaken.

Amber Warkentien