Yes, we spotted Milly’s first booger today.  It was very small and it was up the right nostril of her perfect little nose.  We left it there and, like with her detached umbilical cord, decided not to put it in a scrapbook.

Amanda went to bed at a little after 8:00 last night along with Milly.  I think she’s starting to try to go to bed at generally the same time we get the Millster to go down.  She (the baby, not the wife) slept really well until early in the morning, after which time she didn’t want to sleep very easily, so it was a mixed night as far as sleep went.

Work was stressful today.  On top of being busy myself, Milly had maybe half an hour of nap time today, which made Amanda stressed.

The family went to the beach then came over.  Adam, who wasn’t at the beach with them, picked up some Jackson’s Bar-B-Que.  I’d seen the place but never had anything from there, and I must say that it was really good.  After the rest of the crew got here Mom and Jackson played some more Little Big Planet and Andra got Milly to go to sleep.  I feel bad not mentioning anything Addison did, but she’s only seven and a half months old.  She’s cute though.  She’s got beautiful eyes and was intrigued by Milly.

The fam took off right before we had small group.  Due to having Milly, Amanda and I missed the last two weeks.  On top of that, Milly tends to be fussy during the time we have small group, plus we’re trying to put her to bed during that time too, so we had it over at our place.  Today happened to be Jenny Cain and Sarah Nowak’s birthday, so we had cookie cake and ice cream and pretty much just socialized.

Zach Dotsey