Last night actually wasn’t a bad sleep night.  And Milly is doing quite well, according to her two-week checkup.  She’s put on a little over a pound in the last two weeks (not a huge surprise given how much she suckles the teat) and she’s in about the 75th percentile for her height, but about 50th for her weight, meaning she’s a long, skinny thing.  That said, we don’t expect her to be tall most of her life.

I surfed with Michael this afternoon.  He’s been out every day since last Friday, and I don’t mind saying I’m a little jealous of that.  That’s what happens when you have a regular-hours job and a new baby though.

Lars showed up at 6:00, as he said he was going to, but I was heading in at that time because Nick and Amy were coming over to help us with some of our leftovers.  Michael was heading in too, but I think they were going to go back out later.

After dinner Nick and I walked to the store with our minds set on picking up a dessert.  We ended up with a cookie cake (which I saved $3 on with my Lowe’s Food card!).  It wasn’t any extra to get a message put on it, and when we told the lady behind the counter that we were getting it for our wives who were back at the house with a baby each and asked for a suggestion for what to put on it, she suggested, “What the hell, you deserve this.”  Nick and I liked it so that’s what she put.

After dessert we just sat around and watched a bit of TV.  I got Milly to sleep by rubbing her brows like my mom used to do for us.

Zach Dotsey