I got about two hours of sleep last night, though I’ll admit that part of that was my own fault.  I heard Milly making noise on the baby monitor around 11:00, so I went upstairs to get her.  I was going to get a bottle for her, but she fell asleep before I could, so I figured I’d wait for her to wake up.  She didn’t wake up until about 2:00 though, and once she did she didn’t want to go back to sleep.  She generally wasn’t fussy- she just didn’t want to go to sleep and would fuss and fidget when she was put down.

Milly finally did go to sleep around 4:00, but then as she usually does she woke up around 6:00.

The good thing in all that is that I took care of a couple work things I was going to have to do today, so, figuring that most people aren’t going to be needing much done on the day before the 4th of July, I went surfing this morning for a bit.  Michael and Adam came out too.

The waves were tiny and they were breaking pretty close to shore (though not too shallow), but they were rideable, and every now and then a nice-sized wave would come on through.

The current kept pulling us south so now and then we’d have to paddle upshore to stay in the surf zone.  At one point when we were paddling back up an older guy told me that he and the girl with him had just moved that way to get away from us.  I thought he was joking at first and I responded with some sort of smiling, dismissive comment.  But then I realized he was being a chocolate starfish and pointed out to him that we could only surf between the flags in the surf zone, implying that we’ve only got a small area we could play in but they had the whole rest of the beach.  He mumbled an apology then I added as an afterthought that it’s not like we’d run into them anyway.  I thought better of that as I continued paddling on may way- Adam’s still pretty inexperienced, but it was still not likely that any of all three of us surfers out there would run into them.  Chocolate starfish.

After we finished Adam came to the house for a bit to visit with us (mostly Milly, I’m sure) and eat some lunch.  He took off and I worked a bit.  Amanda took some time to vent her frustration about not being able to get out of the house much.  She said she wasn’t trying to guilt me, but I felt bad anyway.

Nick and Amy (and Eli, of course) brought us dinner tonight and joined us in eating it.  Amy made a blackberry pie with our names on it, which I thought was pretty cool.  Actually, Nick carved the names, and he said he remembered right after he spelled my name with a K that it’s spelled with an H.  That doesn’t even phase me anymore.

Zach Dotsey