Our friend Amy Warkentien sat with us at church today.  Milly once again did fine during the blaring music, but started fussing during the message, so I took her out into the hall with a bottle and watched it on a TV out there.

Back home I played some Grand Ages of Rome, a strategy building game I’ve been playing a little here and there lately.  I enjoy it.

Amanda’s mom, Karen Mercer, called and asked if it would be okay for her and Amanda’s dad, Phil, to stop by for a bit.  Ostensibly, they were bringing a wine rack that Phil built to cover the hole where our kitchen ceiling had been leaking a while back, but we knew they really wanted to come see Milly.

After loving on the baby a bit, Phil installed the wine rack.  It looks good, but the slots are only wide enough to hold martini glasses and are a bit thin in places so it’s hard to slide all the glasses back.  It accomplishes the purpose though, which was to cover the hole, and I think it looks pretty good too.

A few minutes later Phil went out to look at our lawn mower.  We went out to get a few parts, but ultimately decided that it’s dead.  I’ve got to buy a new one soon, because the lawn it getting pretty ragged.  I’ve never bought a new mower before.  I’ve never bought one period, for that matter.  The one we have was a freebie from Karen and Phil.

Michael came by to see his parents.  He’s getting himself involved with promoting, or booking, I guess is the more accurate term, some bands for a local church.  They apparently have shows with progressive Christian rock bands now and then and Michael’s working with them to try to get some to come.  I think he’s excited about it.

Michael also did something that made my stomach turn today.  I let him use my computer to look up some surf reports, and when he was done he opened up Facebook.  Now, I never tell it to remember my password, because I was always worried back when he lived in our house that he’d do something like he did, but I guess I had a session that hadn’t timed out yet and he committed a horrible sin.

I didn’t see what he’d done until later in the evening, and I knew it was him because he was alone at my computer and there’s no one else who would have done it.  I first knew something was up when I opened my email and saw almost 20 messages that were status replies to Facebook.  I couldn’t think of anything I’d have written that would have elicited something like “what in the world’s going on?” by Ben Lambeth.

My status was this:

Zach Dotsey is now a devoted Tarheel fan! Heel Yeah!!

Made me sick.  I’ve got revenge plots brewing.  My response was

Alright, this is the last time I leave Michael Mercer alone with my computer. Everyone please note: I AM NOT, HAVE NEVER BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE A TAR HEEL FAN.

Followed by a status update of

Zach Dotsey is still an avid Duke fan, and is now plotting revenge against his brother-in-law.


Michael left while Amanda and I were watching an episode of Locked Up Abroad wherein a girl smuggled coke and gets her innocent male friend in trouble.  He was let out of prison but the prosecution is thinking about going after him again, so he’s still detained in, I think it’s Peru.  Terrible.  The woman ruined his life.

Usually there’s an ending where the person comes home and talks about what they’ve learned, but this poor guy is living in a tiny one-room place where he has nothing to do but watch TV all day long.  He’s been there for a few years already and, if whatever court he faces is feeling capricious, could end up spending even more time in prison for something he didn’t do.

A little while later we were brought dinner by Stephanie Konny.  Her husband, Blake, was helping clear things away from the fireworks tent where he does a little work every summer (or at least the past two).  She brought us BBQ chicken with macaroni and cheese and green beans with a large half of a watermelon.  It was very much like something Amanda would have made!

That was pretty much it for the night.  Amanda and I took a shower then she and Mills went to bed while I played a little more Grand Ages of Rome.  Amanda and I did have a talk about how frustrated she’s feeling with breast feeding right now though.  She’s very sore and Milly won’t feed quite right, which causes Amanda a good deal of pain.  I, of course, have no idea what to do about it.

Zach Dotsey