Milly’s gotten to be a pretty decent sleeper for the most part.  She tends to wake up at 11 or 12, 3 and then 6, after which she usually goes back down for a little bit.  The only issue with those is that she likes to stay awake at 3:00 more often than not.

I got up to change and feed Milly at about 6 then Amanda got up with her when she woke back up at 7.  I stayed in bed until 8 then got up, got ready for the day and took Bruce to Dineen Animal Hospital.  Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with our little chihuahua- he was just going in for a checkup.  We thought he’d put on some weight but apparently he weighs the same as he did for his last checkup.  The only issue is that he has a slight heart murmur which they’ll want to check back up on next year, and he needs a dental cleaning.

After stopping briefly to pick up a biscuit for Amanda from Hardee’s (and one for myself, since I was there) I continued home, only to arrive a couple minutes before the Yo Yos- Amanda’s mom and her friends- who were coming to town to go shopping and such.  They all wanted to see Milly and oohed and aahed over her and the nursery for a little bit before continuing on their way.

After that I got down to work.  And work and work and work.  It was one of those days where you’ve only got a few things you really need to take care of, but little thing after little thing keeps getting in the way.  It was mildly stressful.  Scott’s on vacation this week, but him being around wouldn’t have made much of a difference with the stuff I was dealing with.

I did stop work a couple times.  Once was to hold Milly as a stress reliever and the other was to help Amanda when she was changing the baby one time.  It was a first, you see.  She’s made messes shortly after we’ve changed her before, but she’s never, until today, done anything while she was being changed.  I’m sure it’s not the last time it’ll happen, but today was the first time Milly peed while being changed.  Fortunately she was on a changing pad and while it did get all up her back, it didn’t get on anything else.

After an incident with a “water bug” the other night, Amanda had had enough and called the exterminators the other day.  She specifically asked for a friend of hers from Richlands, Angus, and he came out and hopefully killed a bunch of bugs for us.  My only concern is that we get these large backpack or banana spiders outside that I like to look at every year, so I hope his spraying around the house didn’t bother them.  Then again, if it did it’s fine- we’ve got them in plenty of places in the yard.

That was pretty much the day.  Kathy Glasscock, one of Amanda’s co-workers, brought us some delicious chicken pot pie.  I ate almost half the dish myself, having eaten nothing but a few Sun Chips since breakfast at 8:20.

Amanda was in bed before 9:00.  I watched this week’s episode of Kings (and I’m sure that by now everyone knows how I feel about the show), which was, of course, good.  The tone changed, and I’m sad to see King Silas treating David the way he is.  There was a lot of setup and foreshadowing in this episode, the fruition of which I don’t think we’ll ever see.

It’s raining pretty hard outside now, with a good bit of thunder and a little bit of lightning.  The dogs acted like they wanted to go outside and when I asked them they went to the door, but as soon as I opened it and they saw how hard it was raining, both Bruce and Harvey backed away.

Zach Dotsey