I forgot to call my Aunt Robbie Horner to wish her a happy birthday today.  It sucks, because I thought about it all day and even said something to my mom about it when she called to see how Amanda, Milly and I are doing.  I sent her an email a few minutes ago because I’m not sure how late she stays up.

Nothing too exciting today.  Work wasn’t like it was yesterday, although it did get slightly stressful at times.  It’ll be nice to have Scott back.

I mentioned yesterday that it had rained quite a bit.  Well according to the news today, it rained much more than I thought.  There was pretty massive flooding in parts of Wilmington, but everything was fine here.  It rained just over six inches in about two hours, which set a record for rainfall for yesterday’s date and was one of the highest, I think they said the 14th, recorded rainfalls here in Wilmington.

I woke up in time to grab a bowl of cereal and read a bit in the Bible as I do most weekday mornings, but then I had to get straight to work and didn’t end up taking a shower until after I finished working. Milly was a bit fussy at the time but she quieted down.

A note about my Bible reading.  I’ve been reading the Bible over a bowl of cereal for some time now.  After skipping around here and there I decided to start from the beginning and work my way through and I just started Leviticus last week.  My advice to Moses is this: you can’t start out with all kinds of action like in Exodus with plagues and death and violence, end the book with repetitive descriptions of tables and tents and blue, purple and scarlet cloth and acacia wood over and over then go straight into Leviticus with all its rules for burnt offerings and peace offerings and fellowship offerings.  You load all the action up front like that then go through a bunch of rules and regulations and repetitive descriptions, it’s just not the best literary technique.

Note that I say that with full knowledge of it being written in the style of oral tradition, and I know the significance and importance of what was being written.  If not for an anal tendency of mine to complete things that I read I’d probably skip over a vast swath of Leviticus.  Possibly Deuteronomy too, and any other parts that are just laying out the laws and not telling a story.  But I want to be able to say that I’ve read the whole thing at least once, plus it gives a solid knowledge base for all that it to come after.

After the shower I went out to get a pizza for dinner and when I got back our neighbor from across the street, Deanna DuVal and her younger daughter, Kimber, were over here.  I had talked to her husband, Charles, about a week or so ago and he said she’d wanted to come over to see Milly.  We’ve only talked a few times, but they seem like really nice people.  She even brought some gifts and I had fun listening to and playing with Kimber.  She’s adorable and apparently knows no strangers.

A little after that our small group peeps started arriving.  In our baby-induced absence the group had started watching videos online from the last series about the Holy Spirit and what it is and is not (and I already messed up by referring to the Spirit as “it”) then doing the questions that go with that week.  We loaded it up on the PlayStation’s web browser, which worked out pretty well.

I’ll go ahead and say it now, since I think it’s been public knowledge, but Joel and Mia Kay are pregnant, and we’re very excited for them.  Amanda and I just found out last week when Mia sent out a text message saying she’d been to the doctor and everything looked fine.  When I asked her about it she said she’d told us in an email and I’d even replied to it.  It was apparently right after Milly was born, so I’m guessing I just skimmed the email and used the reply-all to get in touch with everybody about something.  Anyway, we’re really happy for them!

Michael Jackson’s funeral was today.  I had planned on watching it, just because I know it was going to be a big cultural event, but when the time came I was not only busy, but I didn’t care as much as I thought I would either.  Don’t get me wrong- I know Michael Jackson was a HUGE deal, but I think the media’s hyper-coverage of his death every day for the past week or so desensitized me to it.

Zach Dotsey