This morning Amanda and I had Milly lying on the bed and, in the course of playing with her and loving on her, took turns kissing her.  So I would lean over to kiss her, then Amanda would, then I would again and so forth.  After a few times, Milly would look at the other person after one kissed her, so I’d kiss her then, expecting that her mommy would kiss her next, she’d look at her.  She can anticipate now!  She can learn a pattern and know what to expect based on recent past experiences!  How cool is that?  She’s also definitely tracking movement now, too.

A little later we loaded Milly up in the sling for the first time (Amanda, it turns out, is too small to comfortably strap it on herself, so I wore it) and walked to the grocery store (her first time inside a grocery store!). Not too long after we got back, Joanne, Pierre, Tracy and Ricky came by after leaving the place they were staying at Topsail to see Milly and check out the house and the nursery. They stayed for a little bit (I thought Tracy was going to take one or both of Harvey and Milly) then look off back home.

Milly was able to take a nap a little after that so Amanda and I showered up then waited for Nick and Amy and Eli to come over.  We got news that Missy, Nick’s sister, is not doing very well at all.  In fact, Nick’s text message said he’d heard from his mom that she didn’t expect her daughter to last the day.  At this point we haven’t heard anything, so keep her in your prayers.

Anyway, I told Nick they didn’t have to come over if they didn’t feel up to it, or that we could go over to their house if it would be easier for them, but he said they were on their way over, so we kept things as planned.

Once they got here we ate a chicken salad and the brownie dessert pizza thing Amanda made yesterday.  Part of it had strawberries and the other part had bananas and walnuts, but she made the strawberry portion larger, figuring that more people would like the strawberries and I could just pick them off and replace them if I wanted more.  It turns out that Nick liked the bananas and walnuts better too, and there was a definite strawberry taste left after removing them.  At any rate, it was very good.

I got a call from Mike Paschal asking if I could run a camera tomorrow as they were in a bit of a pinch.  After consulting with Amanda, I agreed.  The main thing was that she isn’t supposed to drive for a little while yet, but Amy said she’d pick her up and they’d go to the 10:30 service at church tomorrow.  Later Amanda realized other issues, such as getting Milly ready by herself and feeding her without any help (I’ve been holding back her arms and trying to get her to open her mouth wider to help Amanda out), but I’d already said I’d do it.

After dinner there were two fussy babies to tend to.  Nick mentioned playing a game, and I thought of Tony Hawk 4, which I have for the old Xbox.  I took that downstairs and hooked it up, but somehow before I got a chance to play more than a round of it, Amy and I ended up upstairs trying to entertain Eli and Milly while Amanda and Nick played the game.  Amanda and I used to play it quite a bit, and though we’d forgotten a lot it came back to us more quickly than Nick could learn it.

Meanwhile, Eli was lying in one of our baby gyms, or whatever it’s called, punching at a singing butterfly while I had Milly on the rug.  She was just staring at things, but she was happy.  Eventually Amy and I held the two of them close together and Eli grabbed Milly’s hand.  At least he didn’t try to beat her this time.

After the Warkentiens left (with our car seat base to make things easier in the morning) Amanda and I took each other on in the Graffiti mode of Tony Hawk.  We tied the first round, I won the second and she won the third.  Pretty even, huh?

Zach Dotsey