I got up this morning nice and early and headed on to Port City Community Church to run a stage camera.  I was on drums for the first time today, and aside from a couple mistakes early in the 10:30 service I feel I did pretty well.  I’ll have to be sure to check out the video when it’s posted to see how I did.  Matt Davis was directing.  He and Melissa, his wife, are bringing us dinner this coming week.  Wednesday, I think.  I assume they’ll bring their baby daughter, Penelope.  I think she’s the eldest baby we know in the crop of this round of babies that has been going on lately.

Amanda, as planned, was picked up by Amy Warkentien this morning and they attended the 10:30 service.  Amanda’s morning went alright without me until just a little bit before Amy picked her up.  First, Milly decided she wanted to go ahead and eat.  Then the dogs finally decided they wanted to go outside, but Amanda was preoccupied at the time.

The worst thing, though, was what our cat, Cobb, did.  For a while he’s liked to pee in a bed we got for Harvey.  It got to the point that we threw out the bed but kept the pillow because we were able to wash it and get the smell out.

Well, this morning while Amanda was sitting on the couch, he walked up to the pillow and started peeing on it.  Amanda yelled at him and made noises at him, but she wasn’t able to kick him as she wasn’t able to get up at the time.  She figured, “Oh well, I’ll just go ahead and throw out the pillow, too.”  Unfortunately, the pee went through the pillow and onto our area rug under it.  Amanda cleaned it out as best she could, but as of this evening it still smelled strongly of cat pee.  It’s really going to suck if we have to throw that thing away.

While I’m on the subject of tough times for Amanda, she had a really bad experience in feeding Milly last night.  I mean, it was excruciating for me to see how much pain she was going through.  After talking to her later today, I think she might try to just pump and feed her from a bottle, or I don’t know, maybe she’ll feed from one and pump from the other.  It’s terrible, but I can’t remember if she said for sure what she’s going to do.

Joining our regular continuity, after the music at the 10:30 service I went out to sit with Amanda during the message.  As usual, once the message started Milly got fussy, so I took her out into the hall to feed her.  It was like baby central out there today!  I ended up talking with a couple who had a baby, Emma Rose, who was only a month or so older than Mills (who is exactly four weeks old today!).  As I was feeding her though, I heard a rumbling noise and, when I checked, saw that she’d made a little mess out one side of her onsie.

Amanda told me to call her if I needed anything and that she’d get her phone, which she’d set on vibrate.  I called her and got no response, so I went in and got the diaper bag from her.  Part way through changing Milly I saw that she’d not only gotten poo on her onesie, but she’d gotten it on my PC3 production team shirt and a little on my jeans as well!  Fortunately Nick was able to get me a new shirt during the volunteer lunch afterwards.

Amanda and Milly joined us for the production team lunch today, which was nice.  We convinced her last night that it was okay for family members to take part in it, and I liked having my girls there with me.

Amanda, Amy, Milly and Eli all left.  It was the last time I’ll see Amy and Eli for a couple weeks, as they’re going to Michigan to visit family for a little while.  I took off myself after we finished the music at the 12:30 service.

Once home I fed Milly a bottle then cuddled up with her to take a nap on the couch.  Bruce is my usual companion for my Sunday afternoon naps, and I think we’ll be able to continue that, except there will be three participants if he wants to still do it instead of two.

Michael came by after a bit to wash his car, which he hadn’t done in “twenty years”.  All his car cleaning stuff, not to mention a hose for him to use, is over here from when he lived with us.  Shortly after he got here Cyra Sherburn and Billy Supplee arrived to bring us dinner from BoJangles.  They hung out for a bit and we eventually got Billy to hold Milly.

Michael’s been able to help bring in some bands for a couple shows.  He’s actually doing some booking and promoting, and he seems pretty driven by it.  It’s cool to see him fired up about something like that.

After everyone left we worked on getting Milly to bed.  She did not want to go to sleep, but she calmed down after I laid her on the bed, gave her a pacifier and held her in my arms.  Though she wasn’t completely asleep, I swaddled her and let Amanda take my place around 9:00.  Amanda noted that it was the first time she was able to lie on her side to snuggle her daughter.

Zach Dotsey