Milly is one calendar month old today and she seems to be smiling more now, and not just because she has gas or her face happens to make a smile.  She seems to be purposely smiling, like when she looks at something she likes or she feels good.  It’s so cool to see.  I love it when she smiles at me.  It makes it seem like nothing can go wrong in the world.  Of course sometimes her smile then melts into a cry, but it’s great while it lasts.

Bruce stank today.  I mean he really stank.  It was worse than anything before.  I know sometimes he likes to roll in stinky things while he’s outside but whatever it was he outdid himself today.  He was sitting in Amanda’s lap and she was looking around for poop.  She ended up having to wash the blanket he was under.  I took him in the shower with me to wash him up and when I sprayed his neck brown water just kept flowing and flowing off of him.  It was almost like he’d sat under Harvey while Harvey took a runny poo or something.  He smells much better now though.

Amanda’s mom, Karen Mercer, came by today.  She brought with her a mower and a weed eater that Amanda’s parents and grandparents bought from her grandparents’ preacher.  Both are nice and they got a good deal on them.  I’m grateful, of course, because I was planning on going out this week to look at mowers.

Milly’s one month birthday coincided with two firsts.  The first first was that she and I were left home alone for the first time this evening when Amanda and Karen ran to the grocery store.  It wasn’t a big deal, but it was kind of cool to mark that.

The second first was that it was the first time Amanda and I left Milly alone with someone else while we went somewhere.  Karen watched her tonight when we went to small group.  I think we’re doing pretty good at getting Milly into a schedule, and not having to take her with us tonight helped us keep that going.

We were a few minutes late to small group tonight, which was at Mike and Sarah Nowak’s place.  In part we were just running behind, but on top of that we saw a pretty black dog roaming around near Wrightsville Avenue and we turned around to see if we could help him.  He was going into a whole bunch of different yards, which told us he’d gotten loose.  We pulled into someone’s driveway and I tried to get him to come to me, but he was skittish and I saw that his tag was missing from his collar anyway.  I felt bad, but there wasn’t anything we could really do for him.

After small group (which I thought was a pretty good one) I helped Karen, who just recently signed up on Facebook, figure some stuff out with that.  We set her up with a Gmail account so she wouldn’t get her Facebook alerts in her school email account, showed her how to do status updates then got her a profile picture.

Amanda went to bed after a bit and Milly, in the boppy, and I napped a little on the couch.

Zach Dotsey