Scott took some time to show me a few things that will help free up some of his time and give me an opportunity to earn more money with the company today.  It’s a bit of a process, but I think I’ll get it down after doing it myself a few times.

Karen treated me and Amanda to lunch at Elizabeth’s Pizza today.  Milly got a little fussy but calmed down when I gave her a bottle.  Funny thing was, the cap was in the bottle so she really just tired herself sucking on the nipple trying to get milk.  After I realized the bottle was stopped I did feed her for real.

Kristen Barriner stopped by today.  She happened to be near the house and wanted to come meet Milly anyway.  It had been forever since she’s been over here.

I went surfing after work for the first time in… I don’t know, a couple weeks?  It was before the 4th of July I think.  Michael met me out there.  The waves were small and it was mostly shore break, but I was able to catch enough to keep me happy.  Michael kept paddling further out in an attempt to get a bigger wave, but there wasn’t much power behind them and, as I said, it was mostly shore break.

On our way in we talked to Anna and Barry, who were sitting on the bench by the access, and as we were talking to them Warren Phillips and Torri White (from Costa Rica) walked up with Torri’s sister.  It was nice to catch up with them.  Michael later noted that it was the first time we’d seen them in the United States.

On a side note, I lost my mutant toe nail as I was changing into my baggies.  It’s been looking precariously ready to fall off for some time now, and it came off when it brushed the leg of my shorts.  While that means I only have 3/4 of a toenail, you can’t really tell and it does look much better than that partially crusted blood-filled thing that’s been stuck to my second left toe for months now.

When I got home Amanda was upstairs feeding Milly.  She (Milly) had apparently been very fussy for a while after I left.  Amanda put her down and she woke up a couple times while we were watching Wipeout, but I went upstairs both times and calmed her down.  The first time she held my hand close to her while I stroked her head with the other.  It was very sweet to watch her slowly close her eyes and drift off to sleep.  The second time I re-swaddled her very tightly then as soon as I picked her up in my arms and held her close to me she was out, I mean instantly.

So, the other day I mentioned hearing good news about my Duke Blue Devils.  Well today it turns out that Andre Dawkins, a recruit for 2010, is eligible to come to Duke this season!  This is huge, given the rare dearth of guards at Duke this coming season.

I’ve been really excited about Andre Dawkins (no relation to Duke great and former assitant coach, current Stanford head coach Johnny Dawkins) for a while.  He’s very excited to be going to Duke and has been going out of his way to try to recruit other players to Duke as well.  He seems to be a great ambassador for the school even beore he suited up for them.  That, and he dropped 36 points in a game yesterday.  At the very least, his addition to next year’s roster will take some of the pressure off of Jon Scheyer and Nolan Smith and give them a chance to rest without having to move bigs into the 2-spot.

Zach Dotsey