I read to Milly for the first time today.  Every weekday while I’m eating my breakfast I read the Bible, and Amanda went to go take a shower this morning after I’d finished eating but before I finished reading, so in order to at least try to entertain Milly I read to her.  So the first thing she’s ever had read to her was Leviticus chapter 7.  It’s not quite… regular baby reading material, but I figure she’s too young to understand or care about guilt offerings and what parts of sacrificial animals the sons of Aaron got to keep.

I took Amanda to a checkup at 10:30 today.  It was the first time we’d gone to the Porter’s Neck office of Carolina OBGYN (except for when I went to sign us up for birthing classes).  We’d been told that you’re usually in and out of it quick, but that wasn’t the case apparently today.  While we were there a woman who recognized us from the birthing class struck up a conversation with us.  She’s due pretty soon.

After that I dropped Amanda off at Indochine to have lunch with her department from work.  It’s Trish’s birthday (happy birthday, Trish!) and I’d checked my email and didn’t see anything pressing.  I thought it would be good for Amanda to get out and do something fun, and she had a good time with the girls from work.

In the meantime, Milly and I grabbed some Sonic, filled the car up with gas and, having some time to waste before picking Amanda back up, I took Milly on her first trip to the comic book store.  She slept through almost all of our time together until we were leaving the comic shop, then she fussed profusely until we got back to Indochine.

Back home, I pretty much caught up on work and ended up working a little late trying to finish up a few extra things.  My workload is definitely increased with the extra work I’m now doing.

Amanda and Milly napped for a bit.  Cyra Sherburn stopped by for a while when she finished work.  I think it was a good day for Amanda, between the lunch, the nap and hanging out with Cyra.  On top of all that, Dr. Joseph, the doctor Amanda saw today who also delivered Milly, said Amanda was pretty much clear to do anything she felt up to doing, which includes driving.  That gives Amanda a lot of freedom.

Later in the evening Amanda and I bathed Milly then put her to sleep and watched 30 Rock and Office reruns.  Exciting night.

Just a few minutes ago I heard Milly making a bunch o little noises on the baby monitor.  It’s not even 10:00 yet, so it’s way too early to feed her, but I went upstairs, changed her diaper, reswaddled her and she went back to sleep in no time at all.

Zach Dotsey