I have such an awesome and beautiful daughter.  I was feeding her a little bit ago and she made some scary noises (not from her mouth) so, figuring more was coming I moved her to the changing pad in the guest room and kept feeding her, then I cleaned her up a bit (from where she wasn’t drinking all of her milk) and changed her diaper then swaddled her up all nice and tight.  Then she stared at me and gave me little grins and smiles in between yawns.  Right now she’s bundled up in the boppy behind me, her eyes closed and her hair all a mess.  She’s just so awesome and beautiful and is such a blessing in our lives.

Last night after Milly’s 3:00 or so feeding I saw Amanda quietly crying and asked her what was wrong.  At her appointment, Dr. Joseph told her that one of the nurses who had been in the delivery room with us had had a baby under similar circumstances to how Milly would have come out had we been able to go natural, and that baby had died.  Amanda was just thinking how that nurse would probably give anything to be able to feed her baby at 3:00 in the morning.  It puts any fuss and hassle into perspective.

I did a lot of work today while Amanda tended to Milly, who didn’t sleep much and cried a good bit.  (Perspective!)  For dinner we had leftover curry from Indochine then, since Amanda had had a rough day, I took the duty of giving Mills her dinner and putting her down to sleep, which wasn’t too tough today.  While I did that Amanda watched kids Jeopardy to make herself feel smart.

Amanda drove for the first time since June 12 today, though it was just to the grocery store to pick up some chips.

We’ve been having trouble with our XM radio for a few days in that we’re only getting the preview channel.  We called XM twice to get them to reset the signal, but after waiting with the car power turned on for a total of over an hour, it still wasn’t working.  I’m usually very cordial with support people, but I was getting pretty irritated with the girl I talked to today because she was obviously reading from a script and when I asked questions would pretty much just repeat the same thing over and over again or continue on with her script, which didn’t help me much.

After we got Milly to bed Amanda and I watched an episode of Whale Wars then she went on to bed.  I spent my time editing pictures.  I suppose I’ll get some up here at some point.  I also made myself a new avatar for the Duke message board in honor of Andre Dawkins coming to Duke as well as in commemoration of my 6000th post on there.  Yeah, I’m on that site a lot.

Walter Cronkite, probably the most famous news anchor ever, died today.  He was 92.

Zach Dotsey