Milly is five weeks old today, and even though today was the first time we were able to keep her in the main auditorium for a full church service, next week will be her first week in Grow Zone.  We’ve had a few people ask if we’ll be nervous about leaving her in there, and I really don’t think we will be.

After church we stopped by Target and Hardee’s.  Hardee’s was for some breakfast biscuits and Target was so I wouldn’t have to use Amanda’s deodorant anymore, as I have the past couple days.

We got home and Amanda and Milly took a nap.  I probably should have.  Instead I watched Kings.  Did you know I like that show?  I think this week’s was the final episode, which, of course, ended on something of a cliffhanger.  Left me wanting more, that’s for sure, and because NBC didn’t market the show properly to give it a fair shake that’s where I’ll be left with it forever.  Blah!

Anyhoo, after Amanda woke up we fed Milly, stopped by Smoothie King and went to Wrightsville Beach.  Adam and Michael were already there and the three of us surfed for a few hours.  It was a lot of fun.  The waves were of a decent size and I got all kinds of drops and turns today, as did Michael.  Adam, who is pretty inexperienced, got to stand up some so I’d say we all had a pretty good day.

In particular I enjoyed the fact that I had to work a lot of the waves to get good results.  For example, there was this one wave that I took on a right, and I was able to ride the crest of it all the way to the shore, but I had to keep myself turned a certain way to do that.  Then there was another one, a left, that I was able to work a pretty good lateral distance.  It was probably, outside of Costa Rica, the farthest I’ve ever traveled down shore on a wave before.

But the biggest deal at the beach today was that it was Milly’s first beach trip.  It wasn’t scorching hot today, so Amanda took her out in the sling then went for a walk with Anna for a bit.  It’s not like Milly could actually do anything there, like even play in the sand yet, but it’s cool that she got to go out there today and see what the beach is.  I expect she’ll spend a lot of time out there over the years.

After we got back home I went to Nick and Amy Warkentien’s house to clean their Gipper cat litter and make sure he had plenty of food (which he did).  Originally Nick was going to come back tomorrow, but that was before his sister, Missy, died and they had to make plans for everything surrounding that.

Shortly after I got back home it was time to put Milly to bed, which wasn’t an easy task tonight.  Amanda put her down once then I went upstairs two more times to re-swaddle her and try to get her to sleep again.  She didn’t actually get to sleep for good until almost 9:00.  Hopefully that’s not an indicator of how the rest of the night will go.

After we did finally get Milly to go down we watched an episode of I Survived, featuring a guy who was attacked by a great white shark, a woman who was raped and strangled for five hours by a friend’s husband with her three-year-old son in the room and a woman who had been shot in the head by airplane hijackers.  It’s amazing what people can survive and how they can cope afterwards.

Actually, we may have watched that while Amanda was feeding Milly.  Regardless, we did watch The Soup after she went to sleep, then Amanda followed.

Amanda came up with a good idea tonight, and that was to take the container of formula plus two empty bottles upstairs so that neither of us will have to go downstairs to prepare the formula when Milly feeds tonight.  Good thinking, woman!

Zach Dotsey