Despite my apprehension, Milly slept great last night.  In fact, she slept from about 8:00 all the way until 2:00!  That’s a record so far.  I was crazy tired though and had a hard time moving when she did get up.  Amanda and I tag teamed pretty well I think, then and at 5:00 and again at 8:00, the other times she got up.

Amanda was afraid that she might have mastitis, so she made an appointment to get that checked out.  Turns out she didn’t, it’s just a blockage or something that heat should take care of, which is good.  While she was out she picked up some more Enfamil and a baby shower gift for Ben and Jessica Lambeth, who are coming down here in a few weeks.  She checked in on me and things were going fine with Milly, so she went out to lunch with Cyra Sherburn and Billy Supplee.  She brought me home a cheddar bacon cheeseburger and some fries.

Things went fine with me and Milly.  I fed her at 11:00 then she dozed for a while, which allowed me to do a lot of work, then woke up just a little bit before Amanda got back home.  I played with her a bit and she smiled so big a couple times that I thought she might laugh, but she hasn’t done that yet.

I talked to Kevin Millard for a bit today.  It turns out he and Lauren have gone through a lot of the same things with Maggie that we are with Milly, so I think we had a good talk.  We were going to get together tonight but that didn’t work out, so we’re aiming for Wednesday evening.

I talked to Jason Revill for a little bit today too.  Between the baby and extra responsibilities with work I hadn’t had much time to talk to him lately, so that was good.

While I’m on the list of people I talked to today, Nick called too.  He and his family are doing well.  He said he was going through pictures of Missy for a slideshow for the viewing tomorrow.  It was good to see her as she was before she got sick, he said.  When I was talking to him he was looking at Facebook for pictures of our nursery to show his grandmother.  He also asked if we could do him a favor and take his car home, since it had been parked at work since he left.  We’re going to take care of that tomorrow.

Apparently there’s a virus going around right now in the guise of a voyeured Erin Andrews video.  The video is real, since the news said she’s trying to find out who took it and wants to sue them, so if someone wants to hide a virus on something, that’s probably a good thing to do it with.

Milly was very fussy in her last waking hour or so and we ended up having to put her down three times.  Hopefully that trouble is indicative of a long sleep tonight.

Once we did get her down we watched an episode of Whale Wars.  I couldn’t help but think how incompetent the poor protagonists looked in this show, mainly in how ineffective they were in deploying the line that was supposed to tangle up the whaling ships.

Michael made another poster for another show.  I think he did a really good job with this one, although he forgot to save the final PSD file with all the text and formatting, so when he had to go back and change some things he had to call me and get some tips on how to edit his finalized JPG file.  Nevertheless, he did a good job, I must say.

Zach Dotsey