Milly seems to have stepped up from feeding every three hours at night to every four hours, which is nice, to be sure.  However, when she woke up at 4:00, she didn’t want to go back to sleep, and she wasn’t peaceful about expressing it.  As a result, Amanda and I got very little sleep this early morn.

I feel like I got quite a bit of work done today.  I’ve got one big thing I’m hoping to knock out before the end of the month, but I took care of a number of smaller things today, so I should be able to focus on that tomorrow.

About halfway through the day Amanda and I rode up to Nick and Amy’s house to get their car key (making a detour by one of the apartment complexes run by the company Amanda works for so we could show off Milly to the staff) then we went out to PC3 to pick up the car then drove back (making a stop to put a few dollars of gas in it, whereat we also saw Don Senik and purchased a drink for both of us) to drop off the car.

I should take a moment to say that I think my wife looks pretty hot lately.  I’ve always thought she was cute, but particularly today for some reason (because she cut her bangs?) I just wanted to jump her bones in a very marital way (though the six week post-delivery time is not up yet).  I write this knowing full well that her mother, other relatives, co-workers, friends and people from our church read this, but it’s one of those truths that I just don’t feel I should pussy-foot around.  It’s just something special when you can look at your spouse and be filled with such a strong desire.  It just makes you smile, inwardly and outwardly, that that person is yours and that you are theirs.

As if to underscore that, in small group tonight we watched a sermon on the Song of Songs.  Our small group was depleted tonight with fussy babies and people being out of town.  We did have one extra guest in the form of Cash though.  He stayed outside with Bruce and Harvey most of the night.  None of them were most happy about it.

Anyway, we had a pretty good discussion, I thought, though there was no outline and there were no direct questions to go along with it.

Zach Dotsey