Milly once again did the whole “wake up at 4:00, eat then bawl my eyes out because I don’t want to go back to sleep for a few hours” thing this morning.  She did finally settle down eventually.  She’s beautiful, but particularly so when she’s peaceful.  Or when she’s smiling.  She smiled a lot today.  From my office I could hear Amanda having a lot of fun with Milly today.  She even read to her, which will have been the first time besides Leviticus chapter 7 that she’s been read to.  It was Horton Hatches an Egg, and we intend to read to her more often now.  Amanda also had Milly upstairs in the nursery on the little baby gym mat thing.  There’s a mini boppy that goes along with it and Milly kept pushing herself up and over it, like she’s trying to crawl already!

In another baby note, congratulations to Evan and Jenny Vetter on the early arrival of their first kid, Charlie!

Work today… I’ve still got this one big thing I’m trying to get knocked out and I thought I’d be able to devote most of my day to it, but I had so many little things keep coming up that I had to take care of.  It was a little frustrating, to be honest.

Melissa Davis sent us a pizza for lunch.  She was going to bring Penelope over but she’s apparently been really fussy the past few days, so Melissa didn’t want to go out with her.  The pizza was good though.  On a semi-related food note, Kevin had to cancel getting together this evening as well.

Amanda bathed the Millster tonight (while I took out the kitty litter- I let her pick which she wanted to do) then we decided to try putting her in the crib in the nursery (as opposed to the cradle in our room).  Amanda’s finally been reading up in Baby Wise and decided to let Milly cry it out a little when we first put her down, but after 40 minutes we figured she needed some consoling, so I swaddled her, rocked her and rubbed her head a little and got her to calm down.  After that she was out.

In the meantime Amanda and I were watching President Obama’s news conference about health care, then we watched Wipeout.  If the health care thing goes through and turns out to be a good thing, I was thinking about how different things might be for Milly when she’s old enough to care about health insurance.

Zach Dotsey