Amanda, Milly and I started our day off in a busy way, grabbing breakfast at Chick-Fil-A then dropping some money at PetSmart (we were almost out of dog food, cat food and cat litter- a perfect storm of pet supply needs) before going to Target, Lowe’s and Best Buy (I just had to pick up Watchmen).

We went home for a little bit then headed out to Wrightsville Beach, where Amanda and Milly hung out Anna while Michael, Barry and I went out to surf.  I had a pretty fun time.  We drifted a lot and spent more time paddling than anything else, but there were some good waves to be caught.  I don’t think Michael had as much fun.  Sometimes he seems to have balancing issues sometimes when I’m around.

Amanda and I watched Malibu Shark Attack on what is now the SyFy Channel (don’t know why it was officially changed from Sci-Fi).  It’s probably the worst movie we’ve seen on there, and there are some really bad ones.  First, they kept showing the same establishing shots and filler footage over and over again.  Then there was a tsunami, but the water didn’t recede and when the 100 foot wave did hit, it somehow didn’t wash away the tiny lifeguard shack, nor did it submerge it.  Oh, and not a single lifeguard had a tan.  I won’t get into the special effects, the ancient sharks unleashed by an underwater earthquake, the acting or any of the rest of the issues.  What can I say though- we get sucked into these terrible movies sometimes.

I picked Nick Warkentien up from the airport tonight, but let me tell you about his trip.  Nick, as you may remember, went to Michigan last week to spend time with his family and to see his sister, Missy, before she passed away from cancer.  He was supposed to get back today around 3:00, but he hit some kind of snag on his layover in Atlanta and couldn’t catch another flight for six hours.  He couldn’t get moved to an earlier flight because he had checked some luggage, which I think is a security risk these days or something.

At any rate, he should have come in around 9:00, but then his flight was delayed, and it turned out that there was something wrong with the plane so they got delayed some more.  He ended up getting in around 12:30 I think.  I set an alarm to go off at about the time he should be getting in.  I was sitting on the couch with Bruce at that moment just thinking about what I should do to pass a few minutes when I heard a plane fly overhead.  “That’s Nick’s plane,” I said to myself, or maybe Bruce, so I got in the car and headed on over to the airport.  Sure enough, a few minutes later I got a text message from him that they had landed.

I parked and listened to some Rhett Miller while I updated and checked Twitter on my iPhone as I waited for them to get off the plane and for him to pick up his luggage.  Poor guy has to be at work at church before 6:30 tomorrow, and for all the time it took him to get from Atlanta to Wilmington, he could have driven and made it with a couple hours to spare.

Zach Dotsey