Milly is six weeks old today, which marks a couple important milestones.  The first one is that she’s old enough to go to Grow Zone now, which means no more sitting out in the hall at Port City Community Church.  While we were waiting in line to drop her off for her first time at Grow Zone, Mike and Sarah Nowak, along with their son Henry (who adores me!) and their daughter Lauren, who was dropped off in the same Grow Zone room as the Millster, appeared in line behind us.

The talk at church today was about missions.  I’ve though about going on a mission trip, but I’ve always figured that, first off, we can’t really spare the money, and second, I don’t know that I’d be going on one for the right reasons.  I’ve always wanted to travel the world more, and it seems like going on a mission, even a labor intensive one with no amenities, would be me using the trip as a chance to see parts of the world I wouldn’t see.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with traveling and wanting to see other parts of the world, mind you, but I think I would be using a mission primarily to further my own goals, not God’s.  Something to think about.

After church we picked up a trash can for the nursery from Target (meant to get it yesterday) then stopped by Lowe’s Food to pick up some bagels that we promptly ate for breakfast.  Amanda napped a bit and Milly was fussy, though she did nap some too.

While Amanda was napping I got a call from her mom, Karen Mercer, with some sad news.  Apparently an associate of Phil’s (I won’t name names due to the circumstances) was found dead, apparently of suicide.  From what she heard, there weren’t any signs of it- no big problems or financial issues or anything of that sort.  Amanda talked to her mom about it after she got up.

A little later we had some leftover baked spaghetti.  We invited Nick Warkentien over to have some, but, understandably, he was napping and overslept.  He did come over after we’d finished though and he hung out for a little while.  He left after a bit because Milly turned six weeks old today.

As I was sitting down here in the office I got buzzed by Amanda (she uses the paging button on the phone base upstairs).  She was doing something really simple with her hair and managed to somehow pull a back muscle as she was lying in bed.  She was in some pretty good pain.  We’re really hoping it subsides by tomorrow, because if it doesn’t she won’t be able to hold and carry Milly around, which would make work pretty tough for me.

Zach Dotsey