Due to Amanda having pulled her back muscle last night I took both the 11:00 and the 3:00 or 3:30 feedings of Milly last night.  Usually I take the 11 and Amanda takes the 3.  She was a bit sore this morning (Amanda, of course), but was feeling much better and was able to take care of Mlls today.

I worked until about 6:30 today.  I set up a new website using our editor program and was tweaking the CSS quite a bit.  This was the first time I set up a site in our system without any help, I do believe.

If you didn’t already know this, Milly is an extremely cute baby.  She’s been smiling a lot lately, particularly after she’s been fed in the mornings.  She also gets pretty happy after baths, like tonight.  I played peek-a-boo with her for the first time, and she seemed to enjoy that some.  She smiles so wide sometimes and I can’t wait for her to laugh.  She makes noises when she’s happy, sort of an “ahh-uhhhh” like she’s trying to talk.  It’s adorable.

After the Millybug was put to bed Amanda watched the finale of The Bachelorette just to see who was picked.  She didn’t watch The Bachelorette much, but she did watch The Bachelor, and the Bachelorette was from the last Bachelor.

Amanda went to bed after that.  I watched a show called Dating in the Dark, which has people go on dates in a dark room where they can’t see anything then decide if they want to actually meet up.  Meh.  The interesting thing on it was that one of the girls was on Scrubs as JD’s girlfriend for a few episodes.  Oddly, she was the only girl that didn’t get a guy, and she was by far the best looking.  She also came across as very sweet and genuine, but faith is important to her and the guy she hit it off with wasn’t a believer.  To his credit he was very mature in his decision, which was cool of him.  I felt bad for her though.  She had even written him a note to give to him thanking him for letting her relax and have some fun.

All in all though, it’s just another “reality” show, though at least it has an interesting premise and can show either how shallow people can be or how they can overlook things and find beauty on the inside.

Zach Dotsey