We started the day off with a big breakfast of eggs, deliciously crispy bacon (thanks, Ben!) and blueberry pancakes.  I made the pancakes (well, poured the batter out of a pre-made mixture) and this is the first time I ever put anything in them.  Amanda’s expert advice was to let them sit on the griddle for a little bit then add the blueberries, that way they would settle in the middle.  It turned out to be good advice.

After breakfast we, the Dotseys and the Lambeths, headed downtown for the heck of it.  Ben wanted some coffee, so we went to the Port City Java where Michael works, even though Amanda called him while we were on the way and found out that he wasn’t working.  From there we just walked down to Market Street, pushing Milly in the stroller, headed to Water Street and saw a farmer’s market set up there.  We just walked along, looking at things and talking, then we headed back to Front Street so Ben (and I) could grab a Trolley Stop hot dog.  From there we went to the Cotton Exchange where Amanda showed Jessica You Are My Sunshine, the shop where we bought Milly’s cloth diapers.

We made a detour on the way home to stop by Target and Best buy to look for cases for Ben’s new iPod Touch (his birthday is Monday and he got an early present) and after that we just went back to the house and sat around.  Ben and I ended up half-watching The Matrix.  I’d forgotten how sweet that movie was when it came out.

After a bit we started to cook out.  Nick and Eli came over, though Eli ended up fussy again.  Guess he just doesn’t like our house.  It wasn’t like it was last night though.  Anyway, we all ate cheeseburgers and tater tots out on the back patio.  Aside from my ankles being all bitten up now, it was nice.

After dinner we played Settlers of Catan and ate brownies with ice cream for dessert.  Amanda won the game of Catan.  Ben would have won on is next go.  Nick, Jessica and I never really threatened.

Earlier today Michael had gone to Southpoint all the way in Durham with his girlfriend(?), Jenn.  They were going to make a quick stop by the house on the way back into town but ended up taking a pass so Jen could help her roommate out.  Someone said something kind of funny (though I can’t remember who or what), then Amanda suggested that Michael take Jen to church tomorrow, then added as an afterthought, “He could check her into Grow Zone.”  We all had a really good laugh about that.  I’m sure you don’t get it… Jen’s a bit younger than Michael.

After Amanda’s victory we sat around and introduced Ben and Jessica to The Soup then called it a night.

Zach Dotsey