Amanda and I switched feeding shifts last night, so I got the honor of waking up at 3AM to feed Millybug.  I guess it wasn’t all that bad.

The series that started this week at Port City Community Church is about the Book of Ruth.  I like these in-depth studies because Mike Ashcraft, the preacher, gives a lot of historical and cultural insight.  He rounds the stories out more so you get a much better sense of what’s going on.

When we took Milly to Grow Zone I insisted on being the one to drop her off, so Amanda got seats with Ben and Jessica.  I also decided I’d be the one to pick her up.  Now, Milly, being such a beautiful baby anyway, tends to get a lot of oohs and ahhs, but this week we decided to not bother taking the car seat in and we just carried her.  To and from Grow Zone, she got even more oohs and ahhs than usual.

After church, the almost-six of us went to Atlanta Bread for breakfast then headed on back to the house, where the Lambeths hung out for a little bit before heading on back to Lewisville.

I took a pseudo-nap (lying on the couch trying to fall asleep and not being too aware, but not being fully asleep either) then Amanda and I packed up Milly and headed out to Wrightsville Beach.  My brother, Adam Dotsey, was going out too, so, to save some parking at the Frazelles’, we met him at the Wrightsville Beach Park and all drove over together.

When we got there Amanda’s brother, Michael Mercer, along with Barry Frazelle and Lars, were already out in the water.  The drift was pretty bad and it seemed like we spent the majority of our time out there paddling.  The guys who were already out there went in and Adam followed a little while later.  I took Terry, one of Barry’s boards, from Michael when he went in.

I tell ya, I used Terry a decent amount back before I bought my board, but I wasn’t nearly as good as I am now, just shy of a year later.  That board is so freakin’ smooth.  You definitely have to paddle a bit more with it, but when you catch a wave it turns sooo easily.  It’s like a sports car to my pickup truck.

I caught a couple more waves after I thought I saw Adam head in then went on in myself.  It was raining a little and I thought I saw some lightning, so I thought it’d be a good time to get out.  Plus, like I said, I kept getting dragged up the beach.

As I got to the house Adam was leaving with Michael.  Amanda, Milly and I hung out a little with Anna Frazelle.  Apparently Kirsten, my youngest Frazelle cousin-in-law, is now going out with her buddy, Mikey.  He seems like a pretty good guy.

We went home after a bit, where Milly decided she’d be pretty fussy.  Nick Warkentien came by and returned the lawn mower, even though he’s only done about a strip of the yard so far.  I’m hoping to get some mowing done before Karen Mercer comes and says something about it.

Zach Dotsey