I let Amanda sleep in a few minutes by getting up first to get ready for church this morning, which included feeding Milly and such.  Since we both enjoy carrying Milly and dropping her off and picking her up at Grow Zone, we decided we’d take turns.  We can both drop her off, but only one parent is allowed to pick a kid up from Grow Zone (for safety reasons- there are a lot of kids and a lot of people that go through that hallway), so this week was her week.

I planned on going surfing today, but I was just tired and didn’t feel like doing anything but watching crappy TV and taking a nap on the couch with Milly, which I eventually did.  Took me a while to fall asleep.

For the evening, I headed to the Lampstand.  It’s the place at the church where Michael’s been doing his band booking.  I was there early and took pictures of all the bands.  I didn’t know anybody but Michael and Jenn, though I did get to meet Jenn’s roommate, Erin, and I talked to her a bit.  She likes Duke though she really knows very little about the teams, so we had that to talk about.  Anyway, I had a good time at the show and enjoyed the bands, particularly the last three.

Zach Dotsey