T dogs woke me up at 1:45 and Milly ate a little before 3:00.  Since I got in after the 11:00 feeding last night, I took the late feeding.  Amanda was kind enough to look in on Milly during some early morning fusses, but I ended up with her when she woke up early this morning.  I took her downstairs, fed and spent some time with her before getting Amanda up and heading off (down the hallway) to work.

Between Bruce, Harvey and Milly, I was tired.

I finished a site this morning and had a meeting this afternoon.  I grabbed some McDonald’s on the way there, which I only mention because I don’t do that very often.  After the meeting, since it was close to Wrightsville Beach, I stopped by the Frazelles’ house to pick up a baby bottle cooler (and bottle) that Amanda left there on Saturday.  Anna was talking about a toughish thing that Kirsten was going to be doing in the near future that wasn’t homework-related.

I talked to my friend, Jason Revill, on the way home.  Jason and I haven’t talked as much since Milly’s come around, and you’d think it would be because I have a baby to tend to, but that really has little to do with it.  I’ve just had a much greater workload lately since Scott changed the way we do things a bit.  I’m certainly not complaining because while I am doing more work, I’m seeing the benefit in that I’m getting more money.

Amy and Eli Warkentien were in my living room when I got home.  They’d come over to hang out with Amanda and Milly.  I did a little more work then, just after 5:00, was reminded by a knock on the door that I had scheduled a meeting with Mike Bain, an investor who had come introducing himself around the neighborhood a while back.  He seems like a pretty nice guy and mostly went over what Amanda and I are currently most concerned about, that being a college fund for Milly.  We’ve already got life insurance and put money away every month into various investment funds and the like.

Amy was kind enough to stick around to take care of Milly while we were doing that.  Afterwards I sat on the couch and dozed with the Millster a bit.  Amanda bathed her a little later and I fed her and put her to bed, after which Amanda and I watched Dating in the Dark.  Only one couple got together on this one, although we thought another couple would have been pretty good together.

Zach Dotsey