A few days ago Amanda pointed out that our beta fish, Gotham, wasn’t looking so good.  Amanda bought Gotham on a whim and was generally in charge of cleaning the water.  I don’t think she ever remembered to feed him, so I took up that responsibility.  He’s been hanging out in the bottom of his little bowl lately, and last time I fed him he tried to get to the top to eat, but he couldn’t quite make it.  It was so sad.

I planned to loose him in a retention pond while he still had some life, maybe the one at the church, but I never did do it. Anyway, I think he’s completely dead now.  Amanda wants to flush him but I thought it would be nicer to bury him or something, but it’s been rainy lately.

I had a meeting this morning.  Yesterday’s meeting was to go over some final details for a site and give some instructions on how to operate it.  Today’s seems to mostly have been about search engine optimization advice.  Overall it was a pretty busy day of work.  I had about an hour where I’d hang up the phone and before I could do what I needed to for that call, sometimes literally as soon as I hung up the phone, the phone would ring again.  That’s pretty frustrating.

On the bright side, my loving wife took the recycling and picked up some Little Caesar’s for dinner and suggested I drink my last Yuengling.  She takes care of me sometimes.  I watched Milly while she ran about.

We had small group tonight, and everyone was there except the Sikes, who couldn’t find a babysitter.  I told them they could bring Addie anyway, but they said she’s crawling around a lot now and they wouldn’t be able to get anything out of the meeting, plus we’d kick them out of the house.  Amanda suggested that they could use the pack & play, but apparently Addie hates being in them.  Oh well.

Group went well, although we had some technical difficulties and weren’t able to watch all of the video we were watching.  That lead to extra socializing, but that was fine because it’s been a while since we had this much of the group together.

In our conversations, Jenny asked Joel and Mia if they have a name, and Joel said, “I’m Joel, this is Mia.”  We all had a good laugh, because Jenny, of course, was meaning to ask if they had a name for their baby.  I think the leader right now is Smith Juice Kay.  Well, not according to Mia, but Joel likes it and (for all it matters) I approve.

People made comments about Milly getting bigger.  Obviously she has, and we can see a big difference looking back at pictures, but of course since we see her every day we don’t notice as much.

Zach Dotsey