I had to show Cobb my pimp hand this morning.  I was in the nursery feeding Milly.  I’d just finished and I was about to change her when I heard our cat scratching at the carpet trying to get in.  He likes to come in and lie on the rug in there, which is fine, but I like to close the door so a certain black and tan chihuahua doesn’t pee on anything (particularly the rug) in there.  Cobb doesn’t often leave the room when I am ready to close the door back up, so then he starts scratching to get out.  And anyway, we don’t want him scratching the carpet, so I opened the door while he was scratching and backhand swatted at him.  Usually he’s very quick to run away when you do something towards him when he’s scratching, but this time I guess I caught him by surprise and he got to taste my pimp hand.

Later in the day Amanda and Amy went out with Milly and Eli.  They got some lunch and did some shopping and such I think.

I gave Milly her 5:00 feeding.  Amanda was running around cleaning up and I had just finished up some work and Milly was screaming her head off, so I was in a bit of a tizzy getting her bottle ready for her.  When I tilted the bottle to feed her I spilled about half an ounce of milk on her dress.  I had grabbed the bottle cap and nipple from a bunch of bottle accessories that were set out to dry and didn’t think about the fact that Amanda usually sets the nipples on top of the cap and not through them.  So the cap was on, and I guess since it was damp rubber the nipple stuck to it, but as soon as I turned the bottle over to feed the Millster it fell off.  We had to change her dress, but nothing else seemed to get wet.

Seth, Dana and Gavin Holloman brought dinner tonight.  We grilled some chicken, which, given how off and on rainy the day was, I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to do.  We mostly sat around and talked.  Gavin was a trip.  I haven’t seen him in a little while and after he warmed up a little he was talking up a storm and just being a general trip.  Dana said he likes babies, and he was very sweet to Milly.  He kissed her a few times and while we were eating if she lost her sweetmaker he’d go get it and put it back in her mouth for her.

Zach Dotsey