Milly was up at 4:30 and 5:00 last night.  Err, this morning.  I tended to her both times.  I can’t remember now, but I think I changed her diaper the first time and just soothed her back to sleep the second.

Had a lot of phone calls and emails to go through for work, though I was able to start and almost completely finish integrating a site with our content management system today.

Peggy, Amanda’s grandmother, had a cyst removed from her hand today.  She and Earl stopped by afterwards to check in on Milly for a little while.  Karen came a little later (Peggy and Earl had already gone) and we all went out for a breakfast dinner (brinner?) at Cracker Barrel.  When we got there we saw some Carolina shirts with Horton on them.  Karen was looking through them and I told her there was no point because Milly wasn’t going to wear a Carolina shirt.  The Cracker Barrel employee who seated us said it was hard to come into work sometimes because of all the Tar Heel stuff there.  He’s a State fan, which I have no beef with.

Karen brought her laptop with her and actually remembered some of her passwords.  If you recall, the last time she was here we spent hours trying to get her to remember her Facebook and email passwords so we could change some settings for her.  It went much better this time, having the passwords.

I also taught her how to load her pictures onto her computer from her digital camera.  She had 430 images going back to the day she bought the thing.  After that Amanda showed her how to load some of them onto Facebook.

Amanda and I have decided it’s time to ween Milly off her 3:00 feeding, which we suspect may be more habit than anything else for her.  To that effect, I tried feeding her six ounces of formula tonight at the 11:00 feeding.  She took the first four ounces just fine then stopped, which shows that it’s the proper amount for her and what she’s used to having.  The next ounce took a bit of work, constantly shaking the bottle or nudging her to wake her up to eat.  I think most of that ounce ended up on her chin and bib.

She wasn’t having that last ounce though, so I went ahead and changed her like I usually do after feeding her.  I decided to try giving her that sixth ounce again since she’d woken up a little, and she took it pretty well.  So we’ll see how the late night goes.

Zach Dotsey