Well, Milly slept until about 5:30, which is great.  She went right past her 3:00 feeding, but she fussed from about 5:30 t0 6:30, at which time Amanda got up, showered and took care of her.  The first thing I did when I woke up and went downstairs was to kiss Milly and wish her a happy two month birthday.

As you may or may not know, I try to read a chapter in the Bible over breakfast every weekday.  Today I finished Leviticus.  On to Numbers!

Work was a bit odd today.  I was busy in the morning and busy towards the end, but not too busy in the middle.  I was able to finish up the site I was working on last night, which is good.  This is turning out to be a pretty good month.

Amanda and Karen rearranged the bedrooms a little today.  In our bedroom a desk was moved next to the bed and the area where the cat litter and food are was shifted around some.  In the guest room they just moved some things around a little, which I think gave it a little more open space.

Karen had taken our vacuum cleaner to get repaired a while back and got it fixed for $15.  She was vacuuming upstairs today and overloaded it.  It got hot and a piece either fell off or melted off and the thing is now completely broken.  Plus the upstairs smells like burnt plastic.  She and Amanda later went out and got a new one.

I finally flushed Gotham today.  Amanda was busy feeding Milly but we figured it was time.

Amanda, Karen and Milly spent a good chunk of the day downtown.  They had lunch and Amanda bought a new sling to carry Milly around in.  They also lost Press Frog, Milly’s best friend.

They went back out to get a vacuum cleaner after I finished work.  Milly and I hung out in the office.  She mostly slept and I played Grand Ages of Rome, which I haven’t played in a while.  When Milly was brand new she used to sleep in my office and I’d play games or something while I waited up for her feedings.  Kind of took me back to the good old days.  She’s so much bigger now!

Karen eventually left, taking the cradle with her.  We figure we’ll probably have the next grandkid (unless something crazy happens with Michael, Hannah or Kirsten), but there’s not much point in having it sit out and unused at our house and we don’t really have the storage space for it.

Amanda was kind enough to let me keep playing my game as she put Milly to bed, since I just really haven’t had time to do something like that for a while.  We decided instead of giving her six ounces at her 11:00 feeding we’d give her five at bedtime and five at 11:00.  Amanda said she got all but half an ounce down.

After that we watched Watchmen, but Amanda was tired and didn’t make it through the whole thing.  I had to pause the movie feed Milly, but she did take down the whole five ounces.  After I finished Watchmen I played a little more Grand Ages of Rome for a little while.

Zach Dotsey