Milly slept well last night.  She woke up at I think about 5:30-ish.  Amanda tended to her after she took her shower at 6:15, since we were getting up early for church anyway.

Speaking of church, today was the last day that Port City Community Church will have three services.  Next week we’re moving to four; two in the morning and two in the late afternoon/evening.  Amanda and I plan to go to the 9:00 service.  To commemorate the occasion someone sang Moving On Up (the theme from The Jeffersons) with some slightly altered lyrics and there were dancers.  It was pretty entertaining.

I had a thought during one of the songs this morning, the one called He Loves Us.  I guess that’s what it’s called anyway.  At any rate, I was thinking about how it was my turn to pick up Milly from Grow Zone this week (which she completely slept through today), and how I can’t wait until, within a couple years, she will, sometimes I hope, see me and shout “Daddy!” and run to the door with her arms open for me.  I can’t wait for that.  And then I thought what a great parallel parenting must be to how God views us, because I think he really appreciates it when we run to him with joy.  I thought the song, He Loves Us, was very appropriate for such a revelation.

Before the service started Amanda was wondering if Polly and Dave Clawson were there, because we hadn’t seen them since Milly was born.  Amanda called Polly on my phone and she just happened to be there this week, though they’d been going to a later service for the summer.  We met up with Polly after the service and she loved on some Millybug.  She said Milly looks a lot like me.

I’ve been hearing that more lately, which is nice because for a while all I heard was that she looked like Amanda.  I wanted some recognition for giving some sort of genetic input, you know?  I think she’s a good mix though.  She’s got Amanda’s hands and feet, which is nice because Amanda has slender fingers and cute feet.  I’m pretty certain she’s got the shape of my eyes and possibly my mouth.  We’re not sure where the nose comes from yet.  It might be a mix.

After church we went on home and took it easy for the rest of the day.  Amanda mentioned going for a walk on the beach, but I was feeling too lazy.  She ended up watching the rest of Watchmen that she didn’t make it through from Friday and thought it was pretty decent.  Other than that we watched TV and I caught up on a good bit of photo editing.  I did got out at one point because we were out of dog food.  We’ve been getting the weight maintenance, but apparently the Pedigree weight maintenance is discontinued, which sucks because the bigger bags are, pound for pound, much cheaper.

Amanda’s been thinking about how she has to go back to work in a few weeks.  I think it’s going to be really hard on her.  Her biggest fear is of missing out on things with Milly.  Nevermind how much harder it’s going to be for me to work, or how unstimulated Milly will be, I wish Amanda could stay home because I know it’s what she really wants to do and I think it would be the best thing for Milly.  My commission from June was one of the lowest I’ve ever had though, and that has made August really tight.  We’ve had to dip into our savings account a pretty good bit so far.  Scott’s changed things around at work so that I’m making more in commission now, and July and August, even up to this point already, are going to be pretty good months.

Zach Dotsey