First off, I want to apologize for the confusion I seem to cause some people.  Sometimes I get behind in these posts, which leads me to post more than one a day.  On days that I know I’m not going to get around to actually writing an entry here, I make notes and date it then I write it later as though I were writing it that day.  That’s just how I do.  I’m too anal to skip days or combine posts, so if you don’t like it (titular people included!), too bad. So if you see several posts that begin with talking about how Milly slept the previous night, check the date.

Anyhoo, Milly again slept until about 5:30 this morning, and again, changing her diaper seemed to be all she needed.  I took care of that, but since Amanda no longer has to get up at 3:00 to feed her, that may change before long.  We’ll see I guess.

Amanda did get up with Milly when she woke up again at whatever time that was.  I don’t remember when it was because I was tired and wasn’t looking at the clock when Amanda got up.  Anyway, it was nice because doing that allowed me to sleep until about 8:30, which was very nice.  Thanks, Manda.

Work was work, nothing too big to go on about.  Amy came by with Eli and decided to make some chicken enchiladas for dinner.  Nick joined us after work, but before we ate we put Milly and Eli on the couch together again.  Eli held Milly’s hand a bunch, although to be fair, he was just using her hand and arm to gnaw on.

After dinner Amanda threw a balled up napkin at Nick.  Nick retaliated by wetting it and throwing it back at Amanda.  This went on a couple times, and eventually Amanda dropped the napkin in Nick’s cup.  She also dipped some enchilada sauce in his water, but he saw it and didn’t drink it.  After that he got an ice cube down the back of her shirt.  She threatened him with a dirty spatula while he was working on that, but she didn’t get him.  Overall, I’d say Nick won, since he got the last shot in.

I bathed Milly then got her ready for bed so Amanda could watch back-to-back episodes of How I Met Your Mother, which she’s doing at this very moment.

Milly pooped as I was feeding her, which wasn’t a big deal at all except that she’d just gotten out of her bath and hadn’t had the diaper on for more than a few minutes.

Matt, if you’re reading this, that last paragraph was for you.

Zach Dotsey