I got up with Milly this morning and let Amanda sleep in some.  She was in a happy mood after I fed and changed her, so we had some fun playing together.

Amanda got in touch with her college buddy, Matt Carter, recently and it just happens that he and his girlfriend are going to be in town this weekend.  She talked to him today and set up breakfast with them tomorrow.  Today, though, we had breakfast with Amanda’s brother, Michael Mercer, and his girlfriend, Jenn Greenawalt, at Saltworks.  They raised their prices since the last time we ate there.

Nick Warkentien returned the mower today so I mowed the embarrassingly-high grass today.  Nick replaced the mower blade and the handle on the starter string, which I happened to chop off the first time I used it.  The blade was replaced after Nick ran over a root, which he pronounced in a way that rhymes with foot, and bent the blade.

Amanda and I took showers then headed off to Wrightsville Beach.  We were going to go for a walk, but a storm was coming in and it rained pretty hard.  Barry and Anna were out at a party but came back a little after the rain ended, so Barry and I went out to catch some waves.  I really didn’t catch anything.  The Hurricane Bill waves were big but they were also steep so that you needed to catch the shoulder of the wave to catch it right.  As crowded as it was that wasn’t an easy task.  Barry even got dropped in on a couple times.

We got back home around 8:00 and Milly was fussy from hunger.  We fed and bathed her before putting her to bed then Amanda and I spent some time together and watched the season finale of Whale Wars.  They ended up ramming a whaling ship while tring to get between it and the ship that processes the whales, which caused a big stink.

Zach Dotsey