I had planned to get up early and go surfing at about 6:00 this morning, but Milly wasn’t the most restful last night and kept me and Amanda up a bit, so I ended up just sleeping on in.  Barry said I didn’t miss anything, so that’s good.

We did get to sleep just a little bit later than previous Sundays though.  Today is the day that Port City Community Church went to from three (8:30, 11:30, 12:30) services to four (9, 11, 4, 6).  Amanda and I had always gone to the 8:30 service so we wanted to continue that general schedule and go to the 9:00.  It was definitely more crowded.

The service was good.  It was a wrap up on a series taking a look at the Book of Ruth, which is a pretty short book.  They had four people read through it after the music, one for each chapter.  One was our friend, Nick Jones, who I thought did a very fine job.

Milly decided to let up on her 24+ hours of not pooping while she was in Grow Zone, but otherwise did fine.

We went home for a bit then went back out for lunch at Sweet & Savory with Matt Carter and his girlfriend, who is a grad student at Carolina.  That’s okay though- she said she didn’t even know who Tyler Hansbrough was when she saw him on campus before.

We had a good time catching up.  I can’t believe it had been about five years since we’d seen Matt.  When we lived in Raleigh we’d see him every now and then at least.

Barry had called me when we were on the way out to lunch about surfing.  Amanda’s plan was to drop me off, but by the time we finished lunch it was time to feed the Millster.  Unfortunately, Amanda hadn’t planned on being out that long (we talked a lot!) and didn’t have any formula, so we stopped by a grocery store and got some pre-made formula for Milly then headed out to Wrightsville Beach, whereat I went on out surfing with Barry.

I didn’t catch a whole lot at first.  I don’t know exactly what the deal was the last couple days, whether it was just that the waves were funky, I was being too timid or I’m just not used to a board as slim as Terry.  Maybe it’s some combination of all of the above.  The waves weren’t as big today, but there was a bit of a remnant from Hurricane Bill.  We went ashore after a little while then walked down the beach and decided to go back out.  I’m glad we did, because even though the only wave I caught well was the one I rode in, I did catch it very well.    I don’t think I really realized it, but Barry said I was roller coasting, zig zagging up and down the wave and controlling it pretty well.  Barry was pretty stoked on my accomplishment.

After we came in I went right back out to take a walk with my girls.  We got a bit of a workout pushing the beach stroller.  On the way back we ran into the Nowaks and talked to them for a little while.  Mike’s thinking seriously about buying a used 9 foot or so board.

Back home, I took a nap while Amanda watched North Point’s live online sermon, which I may or may not have mentioned us doing last week.  It was interesting last week, but I was just tired.

North Point, by the way, is a church in Buckhead, Georgia (outside of Atlanta, and in a place that used to have blocks and blocks of bars, which I visited one time).  Port City is pretty much based on that church.

Amanda went to bed early.  Milly was really sweet after her 11:00 feeding.  She gets that way sometimes, where after she’s been fed she’ll wake up a little when I’m changing her and smile and talk to me.  I almost hate to wrap her back up in her blanket and lay her back down at times like that.

Zach Dotsey