I took care of Milly this morning and let Amanda sleep in a little.  It was a good way to start my day, which was mostly taken up with making collection calls and emails, which isn’t the most fun thing to do.

We took some time out of the day to go pick up my paycheck, which was accidentally available on Friday, and deposit it in the bank.  Since we were a strong stone’s throw away from Wrightsville Beach by going to the bank, we stopped by the Frazelle house to pick up the pre-made formula we’d bought and accidentally left there yesterday.  Amanda likes not having to mix the water with the powder, but it’s so much more expensive that way.

We went home, since I had a decently busy day, but Amanda took Milly and went back out to the beach for a walk later.  After work we had tacos at Nick and Amy’s and they taught us how to play Yahtzee, which we enjoyed.  Nick won but I came in second.

This was the first time we, along with Milly, had stayed out past her bedtime.  For that matter, it’s the first time we’ve hung out at Nick and Amy’s since Milly was born.  We still fed her and put her down at the normal time, and she did fine with that, although I had to lay down with her for a couple minutes until she was tired and comfortable enough to fall asleep in Nick and Amy’s guestroom.  We got home around midnight, which was a little late for her later feeding.  She got a little fussy, but she did fine.  We’ve got her on her schedule pretty well I’d say.  I mean, it’s definitely to the point that she knows when she’s supposed to eat.

Zach Dotsey