Amanda and I woke up a few minutes after 9:00 today.  That means I was a couple minutes late for work, but it also means that Milly slept in a little too.

We had a discussion about finances today.  That’s always fun.  We’re actually doing okay, considering that Amanda’s been out of work for three months and I had a bad month in June.  We had to dip into savings a bit this month, but I’m looking at two really good months, plus Amanda will be back to work soon.  I like having her around though, and we haven’t really decided yet what we’re going to do with Milly once she goes back to work.

Amanda and Milly went to the beach today with Amy and Eli.  I stayed pretty busy working.

We had small group tonight.  Chris and Christy didn’t make it because Christy, a teacher, is getting ready for the start of classes tomorrow.  We had a pretty good discussion though.  Right now we’re watching a video series then coming together to talk about it.  The series is mainly about intimacy and such, but the discussion was mostly overtaken with talk about gender roles and such.  That’s fine, of course, especially considering that we weren’t going off any study guides or anything.  I think that’s one of the coolest things about our current discussions- it’s very organic.

Zach Dotsey